Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tiny shells with FREE barnacle!

Since I haven't posted in, oh, THREE YEARS, I thought I'd start with something easy... you know, no pressure to be profound or make up for the gaping black hole of events on my blog. So tonight, in an effort to break some bad habits (i.e.. sitting in front of the television every night after dinner), Danny and I drove over to Sullivan's Island to walk on the beach. This is an especially big deal for Danny who likes being near the beach but doesn't like sand and doesn't want to get in the water, hmmmm. But walk on the beach he did and as many of our walks go we (usually HE) notices something nature-y that we must analyze scientifically. Tonight was no exception. Danny spotted all these TINY shells, smaller than your little fingernail, and each one had a perfect little hole at the point where the shell would be attached to its other half and just to the right of that, a barnacle. And they were ALL like that! So  of course we are speculating as to why....ideas anyone? We invite your scientific theories.....

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