Monday, April 28, 2008

Blogging Backlog III - the oys of family camping

Yes, you read that right - Oy! Danny's job has been pretty all-consuming for him so we decided to go camping the last week of Pesach. What could be better than a Seder in the wilderness? So Friday we loaded up and headed to Buck Hall Recreation Area in the Francis Marion National Forest. It's just up the road from us about 3o min. The location was really nice. Our tent site was on the water and there was a nice breeze blowing all day on Friday. We had Matzah ball soup and then I grilled some lamb chops for dinner. It was fun to do our Seder in the tent. Kristjan's voice is getting so low - it sounds funny to have him sing Mah Nishtahnah. Hopefully we can get Ray in on it next year. Even better than that was our Seder on the first night. Just Danny and I so yes, yours truly had to sing!
Well, anyway, I got sidetracked. Saturday at the campsite dawned warm and clear. I made breakfast burritos but not long thereafter Danny wasn't feeling well. Next thing we knew he was rolling around in the tent in pain. We took him to the ER where they diagnosed him with a kidney stone. He's all medicated now and I think I'll have to get a neighbor to drive me to the airport on Tuesday. Well, a memorable Pesach for sure.