Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blogging Backlog I - Charleston walking tour with Mom

Mom and I took a walking tour of some homes and gardens in Charleston. Every year at this time there is a Home and Garden Festival here for about a month. There were 11 homes/gardens on the tour we took (East Battery) and we got to 10 of them. We got rained on at one point but the weather was good most of the time. Naturally, the rain really started when we were done and walking back to the car. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to photograph IN the houses and gardens so this is a sampling from outside. The tour was 3 hours and I let Yeshi roam Charleston on his own during that time. He was pretty excited about that. Nice to be someplace where I feel comfortable letting him do that. Here's Mom at the beginning of our walk - look! her hair matches the building!