Friday, January 25, 2008

Here are my babies - Atalya, Yeshi and little ROS still in the works. Yeshi has a broken left arm from falling off a scooter (some jumping was involved..) that was ER visit #3 of 6 this past year. This one was significant because it was the day after I had taken him to ER for visit #2 - sprained neck. Now THAT one was rough, some kid put him in a choke hold at a grappling tournament in Richmond, he felt his neck pop, got dizzy and then his neck went numb. Great - got to go to the hospital in the ambulance on the backboard in a neckbrace. And to make it even more fun, Dad was in Iraq at the time. Fortunately it turned out to be just a sprained neck. Hence the subsequent injury to the arm because he's a "get back on the horse" kind of guy. And there's Atalya, sitting there looking all maternal and uninjured. Nice. What can I say? Hashem is watching over my babies and I'm pretty relieved about that. I'll have to write another post on ER boy and my daughter the Uber-mommy.....

My view

Ah, this isn't what you thought it might be is it? Nothing profound here, just the view from the study at my house.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heimlich Himmel

Baruch Hashem Adonai! (Blessed be the name of the L-rd) So yesterday my angel Yeshi had just finished his morning Quesadilla slathered in hot sauce (ok, maybe not the best breakfast but it must be better than anything out of a box and I'm certain the hot sauce he consumes in large quantities will prevent cancer) and all of a sudden he starts banging on the sink - he's choking and trying to get my attention. After a few whacks on the back and several forceful heimlich manuevers (ever try that on someone bigger than you with rock-hard abs?) I got him breathing again - jeez. That wasn't fun, I'm 4 miles from anything and have no car during the day. So now I've had to use that on both my kids - Atalya had a potato chip stuck when she was 4, that was a lot easier than yesterday's episode. So - 0 and 2 Mr. Death.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I thought I'd put a random picture up here. This is my daughter Atalya when we were in NYC last April. She's 5 months pregnant with our little Ray of Sunshine. ROS was born on Aug. 9 and weighed in at TEN pounds! I have 2 other grandchildren from my stepdaughter Dusti - Izabella and Jacob. All three grandkids are (of course) the cutest babies you ever saw - I love being a Bubbe!

more rain

After raining pretty much all weekend it's sunny today - but cold. Supposed to be in the 20's tonight which is super cold when you have palm trees growing across the street. This is a nice view of the marsh from a dock that is about a block from our house. Yeshi likes to walk down here in the evenings and watch the sunset. This is him trying to duck my camera - but there is no escape!