Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pretty in Pink

This is my Mom's house on Long Island - it's pink! We go up every February for her birthday and usually get a nice blizzard. Not this time. This picture is from '06. (I'm dumping the 20 part of the year - Atalya thinks we need to get over it and do the years like we used to, last two digits only. I'm with her) It was actually pretty warm. We went in to the city on Monday and ended up carrying our jackets around. Mom took me down to the beach to get some nature photos on Sunday (we forced Yeshi and his cousin Josh to come with us) and I got some nice pictures by fooling with the white balance on the camera (it was overcast and a bit dark out). Ever watch Sunday morning with Charles Kuralt? You know the end of the show where they just showed some nature footage and had no narration or music, just the critter-sounds? I always enjoyed watching that with my cup of coffee, ahhhh. This is the online version. You'll have to imagine your own critter-sounds. Get your coffee..... (oh, pink picture first for a nice segue from the pink house :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008


Behind on my posting since I've been out of town and sick but trying to catch up now...This is my son's younger brother Braylan.(He's the one about to stand on his head...We lived across the street from him for 10 years and he and his brother Avery are like Yeshi's younger brothers. Danny melded their names and calls them "Bravery") He was ahead on points most of the match and I guess Rami managed to get the upper hand in the end and win. Still, you can see Braylan is truly enjoying himself. That's why we love watching him compete. He's a fierce, agressive competitor but no matter what - he always enjoys himself. You go Bralyan! w00t!