Monday, January 28, 2008

Unharvested Broccoli

Now you are probably wondering "what IS her blog about?" I'm wondering the same thing. I haven't really decided where to go with it and in the interim I've decided to at least pick out a photo a day and just write something. So here's today's shot. My broccoli. We left a lot of things behind when we moved from Virginia - friends we'd had for 10+ years, the neighborhood my son and daughter grew up in, furniture (3 rooms of it and we still needed 2 trucks - yes, this has been a massive de-cluttering expedition) and almost every day I wonder "where is...." only to realize it's among the left-behind. And this morning I add my unharvested broccoli crop to the list. It's not much of a crop, you're looking at the whole thing. But hey, I finally managed to coax my little broccoli from the ground and there it sits in frosty uneaten glory. I hope someone has steamed and savored it by now. Farewell little vegetable.

Sunday, January 27, 2008


Yeshi and I went on a bike ride around the neighborhood. I discovered a bridge to a little island just a couple blocks from our house. Unfortunately this will be a gated community so we'll just have to enjoy it in its formative stages. So today's post is primarily a look into the wetlands in my backyard... The view from the bridge

Sometimes I feel the need to pinch myself - I look around and say, wow, I live here.

Yeshi thinks it's cold...

I did not break the palm branch, it was like that...