Saturday, January 19, 2008


Ah, the ubiquitous palm tree. So much of this area is similar to Virginia Beach but with LOTS of palm trees added in. And like a goofy northerner I can't stop looking at them and thinking - gee, another palm tree! Having lived the better part of my life in the north the first time I remember seeing a palm tree was in boot camp in Orlando, Florida (although I know there must have been some in California - but I was too little when we lived there to remember that). Marching around trying to look at them and yet NOT look like I'm looking at them. So I've always been kind of fascinated by them and it feels pretty exotic to be living in a place where they just grow by themselves. We moved here on December 28th (our 23rd anniversary and my 47th birthday) and I drove down here first to get the keys to the house, arriving around 6:30pm in our neighborhood. It was dark but many of the houses had their Christmas lights on and the temp was in the low 70's. I could hear people talking and laughing out on their porches. Pretty neat - two houses down from us they had a snow family made of lights with two lighted palm trees arching over them. Our house is pretty new, built within the last 5 years, and most of the neighborhood is about the same. We are at the very end of a new development with a small municpal airport behind us and marshland all around. Very pretty and QUIET. Our son Yeshi has the best view - he can see the marsh and airfield out his bedroom window. Sunsets are really pretty and Danny caught a nice picture of sunrise out our front door when he was leaving for work one day.


Another day of pouring rain. So we did some shopping and are just finishing up a few things around the house until dinner. We're going to try another Mexican place. It's not really home until we find the right Mexican restaurant.

The downstairs is almost together - at least we have the living room/kitchen looking pretty good.

Looks pretty homey but it really needs some color. The entire house is painted flat white. Really, I'm not kidding, FLAT WHITE. Even the bathrooms! Yeesh, try to get a fingerprint off THAT.