Thursday, April 17, 2008

Blogging Backlog II - or, A Litany of Excuses

Yes, I am woefully behind in my blog. I suppose I don't have to post every day, like other people, but I still feel behind since I am rapidly accumulating interesting pictures and have not posted. So I thought I would just post my "schedule". This can serve as a list of reasons why I haven't posted, or, were we to put a positive spin on it, you can look at this as a list of things I will be blogging about in the near future. So here you go, be impressed -

Mar. 22-23 Wightman's visit from VA BCH
23 Boys visit Ft. Sumter, girls take the carriage tour
Mar. 27- Apr. 1 Mom visits
28 Charleston Carriage tour
29 Angel Oak, John's Island
30 Mom takes Yeshi birthday shopping for clothes - shorts as it turns out. Good, they should last longer than the jeans he outgrows every few months. He's 5'8" now.
31 Walking tour of Charleston (I posted about this one!)
Apr. 2 - Yeshi's 14th birthday - we bought him a bike and dinner at Wild Wing Cafe - he loves his hot wings.
Apr. 4-8 Daddy and Fran visit to go to Master's practice
5 - Angel Oak
6- Mitch arrives for Master's Practice
7- Daddy, Danny and Mitch go to the Master's Practice in Augusta
(they have no problem getting up early for golf!)
Fran, Yeshi and I drive out to Isle of Palms and Sullivan's Island just to look at the houses.
Apr. 11-14 I go to DC for a ProShow Gold/Producer seminar(this is the slideshow program I use), took the train both ways (NICE - I didn't have to drive! and on the way back I get to work on my slideshows the whole way!)

15 - WOW, I'm home for a whole day!
16-17 take Yeshi to VA BCH, drop him off with friends who are taking him on a trip to NYC, then drive back to SC (that would be today)
18 - clean for Pesach, yeah, a whole day for that, good luck
19, 20 Shabbat and Pesach begins
22, 23 - back to VA BCH to get Yeshi
29 - fly to AR to get Gloria (Danny's mom)
Apr. 30 - May 1, 2? drive back to SC with Gloria, she's moving in with us until she can find an apartment in Charleston
May 7 - Nastassja and Ray arrive for about a 3 week stay
So there you have it, hopefully I will post some pictures this weekend after Pesach Sunday or something.....
and yes,I did get carried away with colors. Somehow I got away from my default color and couldn't get back.