Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Here we are in NYC. My sister Molly thought it would make an interesting picture to get Yeshi and cousin Josh reading Chinese newspapers in Chinatown. BUT, they had hardly picked up the papers when the lady shopkeeper came out and yelled at them "leave my stuff alone! You put my stuff back!" Yeshi put his paper down and Josh was in the process when she snatched it from his hand and stuck it back in the rack "you stupid boys! leave my stuff alone!" GOSH, maybe I'm culturally ignorant but I didn't think they were hurting anything. The only thing we could figure is that she figured 2 teenage boys handling the papers must be up to no good. Then she got mad at Molly for taking the pictures! "Oh, you want to take picture?!! I get my camera and take your picture!" Yeah, whatever, hurt me ok?

See, there she is snatching the paper right out of Josh's hand.