Thursday, December 25, 2008

To the Farm

Danny decided to take Friday off so we could get an earlier start. Naturally it tok us the beter part of the day to get packed. It’s always more of a project than we think it will be. We finally got on the road around 3 pm. It was 76 degrees out . I told Danny I felt like today was the first day of summer vacation and tomorrow would be the first day of winter vacation. Really strange to be in flip flops and t-shirts and packing up boots and coats. We stayed overnight in DC at Daddy and Fran’s house - they’re in NH enjoying wintery weather at the beach.
We had some excitement getting the house going. Ron had come up and turned the house on for us and plowed the drive (NICE). For some reason the heat just wasn’t working when we got here. Danny and Kristjan fiddled with the furnace a bit and then started a fire in the woodstove. Meanwhile I ran the washing machine empty to clean it out and when it got to the rinse cycle we suddenly found water pouring over the floor. Couldn’t find a leak so we figured it was just an overly enthusiastic burst of water into the deep sink. It’s been ok since. It was a bit chilly the first night (about 50 with only the woodstove heating the house). Danny got up in the night to add wood to the fire and tweak the furnace some more. By Sunday night he had coaxed it into proper operation.
The snow has been outstanding! Nice lake effect, big fluffy flakes. I have way too many cool pictures to post here. Kristjan has been out with his BB gun shooting soda cans. He and I made snow angels - falling back into the snow produced a nice puff of flakes but I didn’t realize the snow would stick to my glasses and came up looking like I was wearing snow goggles! Kristjan has also tried snowboarding/sledding down the hill (it’s a bit deep and requires more packing) and yesterday he made a snowman while we went to Walmart. That’s right - we went to Walmart on Christmas Eve. I don’t know what we were thinking - we didn’t stay long. The snowman is pretty impressive, seven foot 5 inches! And it was wet and rainy yesterday when he made it so that was pretty heavy snow. The snowman will probably be here until March! Fortunately, it cooled off again last night and it’s snowing again. Enjoy the snow pictures……