Sunday, May 4, 2008

Road Trip Respite

Ah, home at last. For awhile. Gloria and I got here Thursday after two days of driving from Arkansas. We drove a rather large Budget truck with a trailer hitched to it towing her Ford Explorer. Cheaper than driving two vehicles and better for the drivers too. It would have been really rough if we had both had to drive. BC (her cat) wasn't too thrilled with the arrangements but he settled down after an hour or two. Friday we unloaded the truck - most of it went in the garage and Kristjan and I were pretty proud that we managed to get it all in and still have room for Danny's motorcycle (it's a one-car garage). Saturday we took Gloria for a drive through Charleston. There are some Senior apartments on Market Street (in the historic district) and hopefully she will be able to move there soon. It's a nice section of town, just a short couple blocks from the open air Market - I'd like to be there!
Today was spent doing some re-arranging around the house and getting some groceries. Now I just have to get the upstairs bedroom ready. Atalya and our little ray of sunshine arrive on Wednesday. They will be staying for the rest of the month of May.