Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Kristjan had his first track meet on the 2nd and in the rush I actually left the camera at home. ARGGHHH! Couldn't go back for it either as the meet was an hour from home. Drat. Naturally Kristjan did really well and I have no photographic evidence! Well, here are his stats:

4x100 relay 2nd place 57.2 sec Kristjan was anchor leg
400m dash 2nd place 56.8 sec
200m dash 8th place 27.7 sec
long jump 4th place 13'5.5"
discus 2nd place 66'8"

It's fun watching him run, he really can kick in the afterburners and pour on some speed. NEXT time there will be photos! For now, I will add this photo of him sunning himself in the backyard. He just had his hair cut for school and wasn't too happy about it (as you can see it's not exactly short but HE thinks it is!) and he's wearing his fave sunglasses for his Roy Orbison look.

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kyoto said...

Hi- great job in the track meet!!!!!! The shades and new coif are very cool -- looking good -- miss you guys - have been to Ohio and Seattle - will talk to you soon ----- Love