Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We're in Fort Benning, Georgia today. Actually it's Columbus, GA but we're here for Danny to go to Fort Benning for some training. We're just here for the day but it was a seven hour drive out here from SC yesterday and we'll be driving back tomorrow. Last night after we checked into the hotel we went downtown to the Cannon Brewpub for dinner. Neat restaurant - looks like a warehouse inside. It's two stories high but there's only one floor so the ceiling is pretty high. At the back of the restaurant you can see the vats where they make the beer (they make 7 or 8 kinds as well as a root beer). Danny got the beer sampler - 6 samples of beer in shot glasses served up on a long wooden paddle with descriptions of each beer. After dinner we went down to the Riverwalk which was just a block from the restaurant. It's very pretty, 15 miles long. I'll try to get some pictures of it tonight. I only had the pocket Nikon with us last night. Here's a picture Kristjan took of one of the (peach?) orchards on the drive out.
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